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    FiguresHub is a leading online training platform dedicated to empowering young Africans with the skills they need to succeed in the tech world. We offer a wide range of courses in software development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and more, designed to cater to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

    Our expert instructors and comprehensive curriculum ensure that students receive the highest quality education and practical skills that are in demand in today's tech industry. Join FiguresHub today and unlock your potential in the world of technology.

Available courses

    The Comprehensive Cyber Security Program at FiguresHub is a 6-month intensive training program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to thrive in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.

    The program covers a wide range of topics, from foundational principles to advanced techniques, ensuring that students develop a deep understanding of cybersecurity concepts and can apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.


    • No prior mobile development experience is required.
    • A fully functional laptop that is able to access the internet.
    • A fully functional laptop that is able to access the internet.
    • Minimal hardware requirements for laptop [core i7, 256 SSD, and 16GB of RAM]


      The Cloud Engineering module focuses on teaching students how to design, build, and manage cloud infrastructure and services. Students will learn about cloud computing concepts, including virtualization, scalability, and elasticity.

      They will also learn how to use cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud to deploy and manage applications, storage, and networking in the cloud.

      Additionally, students will learn about cloud security, compliance, and best practices for ensuring the reliability and performance of cloud-based systems.

        Backend Development: The Backend Development module covers the server-side of web development, teaching students how to create and maintain the server, application, and database that power a website or web application.

         Students will learn programming languages like Python, Java, or Node.js, along with frameworks like Django, Spring, or Express. They will also learn about database management, API development, and security best practices for backend systems.

        These modules are designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of both frontend and backend development, preparing them for a career as a full-stack developer or specialized frontend or backend developer.

          The Frontend Development module focuses on teaching students how to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for websites and web applications.

          Students will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js. They will also learn about responsive design, accessibility, and best practices for creating engaging user experiences.

            Artificial Intelligence (AI)

            This module covers the fundamentals of AI, including machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and robotics. Students will learn how AI is revolutionizing industries and applications across various sector.

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